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Politics, society, religion. Unceremoniously.


There are votes to be won

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As I have argued here, the GOP is undeniably on the wrong side of history concerning several cultural and social issues of our time, in terms of public opinion about those issues in the United States. That notwithstanding, the country’s peculiar constitutional architecture gives today’s Republicans a built-in advantage over Democrats when it comes to presidential elections and the composition of the U.S. Senate, which also translates into a fairly good chance of having a conservative-leaning Supreme Court, as discussed here.

Against this backdrop, Republicans, in general, appear to have opted for what they believe to be the “easy” route…


How the U.S. Constitution allows for democracy to be thwarted

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Contrary to the ill-informed opinion of such luminaries as Sens. Mike Lee (R, Utah) and John Kennedy (R, Louisiana), the United States is indeed a democracy. The word itself comes from combining two Greek words: démos (the people) + krátos (power, rule) = rule by the people. Accordingly, it takes the preamble to the Constitution exactly three words to establish the United States as a democracy, for all intents and purposes: “We the People […] do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

In the history of the world, minority rule has been by far the…

When prejudice beats I.Q.

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Prof. Stephen Hawking needs no introduction. As a theoretical physicist and cosmologist, he significantly contributed to our knowledge of the universe. Besides being a huge bestseller, his A Brief History of Time was my first acquaintance with cosmology many years ago.

The God Hypothesis

And yet, the late professor had a blind spot when it came to the “God Hypothesis”. I am calling it that way on purpose because I am not going to talk about religion, spirituality, or any man-made image of the “Heavenly Father”. his piece is about philosophy, with the meaning of rational thinking and argumentation.

Hawking’s Atheism

Prof. Hawking’s atheism is…


Hint: It’s not Donald Trump

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I know, I know. We are all supposed to believe that Donald Trump has ruined the Republican Party with his loudmouthed, unethical, and ineffective leadership. We are also supposed to believe that the GOP is now in the clutches of a bunch of far-right-leaning white supremacists turned conspiracy theorists, aka “the Republican base”, because of the Trump years.

Once free from their troublesome “Dear Leader”, so the theory goes, the party will be able to rein in the worst instincts of their unruly base and go back to a semblance of normality. The only problem with this argument is that…


At the very least, he gave all of us some food for thought

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Let’s be honest: Donald Trump took us all on one hell of a ride. From June 16, 2015 when he descended that infamous escalator inside Trump Tower in New York to January 20, 2021 when he left the White House for the last time in a rather low-key ceremony — almost on a somber note — he never missed an opportunity to shock, appall, unsettle, and traumatize the public, in the U.S. and abroad.

Now that he’s gone, it would be irresponsible for the American political establishment to go back to business as usual as if nothing had happened. …

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